R. Freeland 

R. Freeland 

R. Freeland is a fine artist and designer living in Los Angeles, California.

"I am seduced by the direct rawness of paint the act of painting which connects me to a timeless space. As an artist that can digitally produce or paint traditionally to it seems logical to accept the act of painting occurs between the artist and surface. As long as the outcome remains of intentional substance, the medium is not as important as the message. Regardless if my art is purely for art’s sake or for commercial sake, that is for others to determine, I am deeply involved with the work."


Rose Freeland was born in Nashville, Tennessee, moved to California to attend Art Center College of Design, and studied under Steven Prina, and mentored with Jeremy Gilbert-Roth and Mike Kelly and Dennis Phillips, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art degree with Distinction. In the summer after graduation, Rose freelanced and created a clothing line  plus an Illustration and design business through Big Concepts, Inc. By the end of the summer, entered into California Institute of the Arts, mentoring under Connie Hatch, graduated and with a Masters of Fine Art degree while running her company to support her art and painting practice. Created investigative works “The Illustrated History of Women” that was digitally produce billboard sized canvases featuring a history of desired achievements, such as the “First Woman On The Moon”.  Fine Art is the core of her work. Rose’s work has been in solo and group shows, "The Unreal Person:, Museum of Modern Art in Orange County California to the recent “Random Survival” solo show at University of California. 

Influenced by several factors, one is that art comes in many forms and not to limit or sensor to one medium or path. Some of the early works have been digitally produced, since I see the computer and its software as like any other tool in one’s artistic arsenal pallet. Understanding color, form and thought process, the reason to make a mark as art is of the greatest importance to Rose.