New Books by Various Authors and Illustrated by Rose Freeland

Creating books is another passion of Rose Freeland embracing all venues of our new publishing world. Her books can be reviewed and purchased on Amazon, Blur and iBooks and are available in hardcover, softcover and ebooks for all viewing platforms. As a painter, her books provide the reader and experience of a visit to the gallery in their hand, creating a capativating combination of word and picture for children around the world.

Here I Am Cover.jpg

Here I Am, A Story of Lost & Found

By Rose Freeland 

Hardcover, Softcover, Kindle and ibooks

In Here I Am, A Story of Lost and Found, the reader meets a little dog named Shadow found with paint in his hair waiting to be adopted along with other dogs at the Humane Society. We follow the little dog’s journey to finding a new home and his adopted name Henri Rousseau. Each page is a painted snapshot of his life, featuring his great painting ability or visiting Dr. Bell at the Veterinary Clinic, to accidentally running away and settling into his new home.
“Here I Am” is a whimsical adventure rhyme book, written to appeal to the 0-3 year old age group with a focus on story time reading aloud. The narrative is character driven, focusing heavily on Henri Rousseau a painterly dog and his newly adopted friend. The events that unfold are presented to help a toddler learn from storytelling and emotion. The story examines the themes of caring for pets in a modern day life. As the story unfolds reveling Henri’s creative and expressive nature, the toddler’s relationship with the written language is strengthened and new concepts presented. The book also introduces the concept of adoption of pets and lessons about caring and friendship. Beautiful, full color illustrations are sure to captivate and delight children and parents alike.

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The Yellow Chicken and the Red Fox

By Minnin McClain

Softcover, Kindle and other ebooks

"The Yellow Chicken and the Red Fox", by Minnie Rimmer - McClain, is a delightful yet cautionary tale about a sly fox and an exceedingly smart chicken. In this story, the fox attempts to use persuasive tactics to convince the chicken to open her gate so that he can grab her and eat her for dinner! To the fox's surprise and absolute frustration, the chicken is mindful of her mother's repeated warning about strangers and refutes the fox's attempt to become her friend. "The Yellow Chicken and the Red Fox”, beautifully illustrated by Rose Freeland, is a story that serves as an excellent tool for parents to teach their children about safety and "stranger danger". In full color, 36 exciting pages that will entertain and teach children of life’s important lessons.

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The Adventures of Biker Bucky

By Tom Cartwright

Hardcover (Coming Soon on, Softcover, Kindle and ibooks

"The Adventures of Biker Bucky" written by Tom Cartwright with beautifully illustrated paintings by R. Freeland is a fun road trip about a shiny red Harley motorcycle and a great friendship. Wingnut, an adventurous dog who loves to explore with his pal Bucky have fun and learn about being safe drivers along the way. This exciting journey is about wonder and friendship that every child young and old can love. Bruce Springsteen loves “"The Adventures of Biker Bucky" book and allows use of his lyrics “Tramps like us, baby we were born to run” which describe the book best. Thank you Bruce! Come along with Biker Bucky and feel the road rumble beneath you! Perfect for read along and reading of all ages. A portion of all proceeds will be given in Bruce Springsteen’s name for his great support of “ World Hunger Year”. More adventures to come soon!

Career Tips for Elves Handbook by R Freeland.jpg

Coming Soon: Career Tips for Elves Handbook by R. Freeland